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Cursory bending or kneeling shouldn’t’ ever mean you need to live with knee pain. If you are between visits to your physical therapist and you want to stretch out your knees, here are two home exercises you can try. Remember if you are or have been under the care of a physical therapist you should clear any exercises that you do with them first. These also should never be painful motions that you are making. If there is additional  pain stop right away and contact your physical therapist. However if  you have been having problems bending or kneeling or have mild knee pain these stretches could help!

Rectus Femoris Kneeling Stretch: Begin in the kneeling position on a yoga mat or pillow. Put one leg forward making sure your pelvis/hips are nice and tucked. Lean forward until you feel a stretch at the front of your hip. You don’t have to go too far. This movement really gets your psoas stretched. Once you’ve felt the stretch then lift your back foot off the ground and grab it with your arm to get the rectus femoris involved. The rectus femoris is the front muscle of your quad.

Rectus femoris stretch.

IT Band Stretch: Lay on your back. Put a strap or belt or towel or shirt around the ball of your foot. Lift your foot up to the ceiling with a straight knee, keeping the small of your back on the floor. Slowly, carefully bring your foot to the opposite side of your body until you feel a stretch on your outer thigh. Hold that position for 3o seconds. Repeat the movement 3 times twice a day. Repeat the same movements for the other leg. Always be sure to perform these movements in a pain-free, strain-free range.

These stretches are a great way of stretching out your hip flexors, quads, and your IT band as well as alleviating nagging knee pain.  Again always make sure that you are doing these carefully, without additional pain. If new pain does present itself, find your physical therapist right away. One of the Upper West Side’s best physical therapy offices is right here at Miccass Physical Therpay. Our team of skilled physical therapy professionals can help you work through any knee pain that you may be having and get you back on the road to recovery!