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Running Essentials: Tight Butt

When running, you may think that your whole objective should be all about leg strength. Of course you need to have great quads, calves and hamstrings, but these are not all that need to be well developed. Muscles that are typically weak in runners are the gluteus and core. Great runners need to have a strong core and tight butt. A few

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Runners Fitness Peaks Much Later

There is an epidemic sweeping the nation. It’s something we all need be mindful of; any one of us is susceptible. I’m talking about the fact that we are living longer and are all generally finding ourselves healthier at older ages. A case in point is a recent Washington Post piece which spoke about runners fitness. It’s revealed that runners

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Knee Pain Relief With 2 Simple Home Exercises

Cursory bending or kneeling shouldn’t’ ever mean you need to live with knee pain. If you are between visits to your physical therapist and you want to stretch out your knees, here are two home exercises you can try. Remember if you are or have been under the care of a physical therapist you should clear any exercises that you

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“No Knees Past Toes” is No Myth

There is a pretty famous saying for those in the physical therapy and fitness world: There should be “no knees past toes” when you are stretching. This includes squats and lunges and this is for both athletes and for regular folks who are recovering from injury using physical therapy. So this is something that has been pretty well established. However

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