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Physical Therapy Upper West SideLiving in Manhattan can be grueling on the body. Residents find themselves walking plenty of blocks each day which can put some pressure on the hips. If you are experiencing hip pain from any part of the city life, Miccass Physical Therapy Upper West Side has got you covered. Request an appointment online and receive a hip evaluation. This decision may be able to heal the pain that you are feeling in your hips and have you cruising the streets of New York with a smile again.

What to Expect When Receiving Physical Therapy on the Hips

Gait Evaluation: A gait evaluation is analyzing the way you walk. Our physical therapy Upper West Side at Miccass PT will be able to see slight nuances of abnormalities within your strides. This will help them gauge which parts of the hip are in need of the most attention to correct the issue. 

Mobility Tests: A healthy hip is vital to mobilizing without pain. Mobility tests will allow your physical therapists to see which type of mobility (walking, running, going upstairs, going downstairs, etc.) you are having trouble with. This will provide them with the information they need on how the hip joint is functioning and affecting the way you travel. To learn some simple but helpful mobility tests to do at home, click here.

Range of Motion Tests: Range of motion is the distance in which your hip is able to rotate, bend, twist, and hinge. Special instruments will help our physical therapy Upper West Side determine what plan of action is needed to increase your range of motion. At Miccass PT, we will take these steps very seriously to make sure that you are on the path back to walking effortlessly. 

Physical Therapy Upper West Side

The hip is a hinge that supports much bodyweight and has the tall order of supporting many daily activities. Whether you are climbing stairs, walking, running, or simply trying to sit, a healthy hip is needed. Research has shown that receiving physical therapy on the hip will:

1) increase mobility

2) improve your pain 

Our physical therapy Upper West Side at Miccass PT will devote our all into assessing, rebuilding, and celebrating the come back from your hip pain. This is not something that can be solved alone, so put your trust in Miccass PT and you will not regret it! 

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