Physical Therapy Clinic in Upper West Side

At our Physical Therapy clinic, patient care is our top priority. We are dedicated to swiftly alleviating pain and discomfort using a tactile methodology that evaluates and addresses conditions impacting muscles and nerves.

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At our Physical Therapy center, we employ a comprehensive strategy for patient care, encompassing three essential steps:

  1. We begin by identifying the underlying reasons behind your pain or discomfort.
  2. Our focus then shifts to addressing and resolving these fundamental issues.
  3. Additionally, we provide guidance on strengthening your body to avoid future health setbacks.

Our team of experienced Physical Therapists is equipped to evaluate and manage any conditions impacting your muscles, nerves, and joints. We will demonstrate how techniques such as stretching, graston technique, and the Maitland Approach can alleviate pain and enhance your mobility, integrating wellness into your everyday routine.

Our facility is at the forefront of integrating sports rehab, personal training, and advanced physical therapy treatments. By leveraging the strengths of these varied therapies, we aim to reduce treatment frequency and lower the risk of issues reoccurring.

Directions to Upper West Side

246 Columbus Ave,
Upper West Side, NY 10023

P(212) 595-4500
F: (212) 595-4578

Opening Hours: 

Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM