Better In, Better Out & Physical Therapy Makes Sense

Better In, Better Out & Physical Therapy Makes Sense

March 29, 2017

As you’ve heard #ChoosePT is a great alternative to pain meds, injections and possibly surgery. However, what if you and your medical team think surgery is the best way to go? How should you best prepare for such a major life event? Some studies out there think you should go by the notion of “better in, better out.” This philosophy goes right along with the #ChoosePT calls from your therapist!

Going in for everything from cardiac surgery to an ACL repair could benefit from a visit to your physical therapist. Not only will you be able to see where you stand from a functional and biomechanics standpoint, but you will be able to learn about what to expect in those first few days and weeks after surgery. Often, we PT’s are the ones coming around first, making you get up and get out of bed. We have been in the hospital, seen different types of patients and have keen insight on what recovery looks like.

Your physical therapist can see if there are ways to make you stronger. Heart health, quad strength and analyzing function can be impacted before surgery. The stronger your muscles are before you go through a life-altering event, such as surgery, the better your muscles will heal afterwards.

Another thing patients seeking a better in, better out result should be aware of is their condition prior. If you have been off your feet or have been having issues with walking and stairs before opting for surgery, chances are you’d greatly benefit from PT. When someone’s been sedentary, muscles do not fire as well as they should. Pre-operative care has shown to help you function better going in. This leads to shorter hospital stays, quicker rehab after surgery and a better outcome overall.

If you find yourself talking with your doctor team about surgery, consider adding a physical therapist to your medical team. One of the best physical therapists on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is Miccass Physical Therapy. Our expert staff of trained physical therapists will work with you for your particular situation and will help you go into surgery strong and come out even stronger. If better in, better out sounds like a philosophy you can get behind you should seek out pre- and post-op care from Miccass Physical Therapy.

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