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Kyara Melo

Its a huge gym. They have great trainers. They are very helpful. Is very clean here. They do physical therapy here too. The bus stop is right in front outside. The 1 train is a few blocks done like 1 block.

Chris Baszto

I went into my ACL surgery absolutely terrified about what was going to happen afterwards and that alongside a surgical team that didn’t really land the post-op support led to me hobbling into Miccass a nervous wreck. Ogechi quickly established trust and has been my steady rock through the first month of my recovery! I enjoy going to my PT as the staff at Miccass are all amazing. Ogechi genuinely cares, is incredibly personable, has found the way to challenge me within reason and is a huge part of the reason I am quickly being able to get back to my life with some level of activity and mobility. She knows her stuff and I have learned so much about helping myself along the way. I couldn’t imagine going through this recovery without the crew at Miccass! Thank you thank you thank you.

Discover the Maitland Approach at Miccass Physical Therapy in New York

Welcome to Miccass Physical Therapy in New York, your destination for top-tier physical therapy solutions, including the renowned Maitland Approach. This manual therapy technique, celebrated for its efficacy in managing musculoskeletal conditions, is a cornerstone of our treatment offerings. Let’s delve into the essence of the Maitland Approach, its mechanisms, the conditions it ameliorates, and its suitability for various patients.

What is the Maitland Approach?

Developed by Geoffrey Maitland, an esteemed Australian Physiotherapist, the Maitland Approach is a specialized form of manual therapy. It’s centered around diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunctions through gentle, rhythmic mobilizations of joints and soft tissues. This approach aims to pinpoint the pain source and apply controlled movements to ease discomfort.

How the Maitland Approach Benefits You

1. Personalized Assessment and Treatment: Each patient undergoes a thorough evaluation to craft a tailored treatment plan focusing on joint movement, muscle strength, and functionality.
2. Gentle Mobilization Techniques: The hallmark of the Maitland Approach lies in its gentle, rhythmic joint and soft tissue movements, enhancing mobility, reducing pain, and boosting function.
3. Responsive Treatment: A key component is patient feedback, allowing therapists to fine-tune treatment intensity and direction for maximum comfort and efficacy.

Treating a Spectrum of Conditions

The Maitland Approach is versatile, effectively addressing various musculoskeletal issues such as:

  • Chronic back and neck pain
  • Joint stiffness and discomfort
  • Arthritis symptoms
  • Muscle tension and spasms
  • Sports injuries and postural challenges
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

This method is particularly impactful for joint pain and mobility limitations, focusing on restoring movement in a controlled, pain-free manner.

Ideal Candidates for the Maitland Approach

  • Broad Patient Suitability: This approach is adaptable for patients of all ages and physical conditions, from acute injuries to chronic ailments.
  • Preference for Gentle Treatment: Ideal for those seeking or requiring a softer therapy form, the Maitland Approach is gentle yet effective, perfect for those sensitive to robust treatments.

Experience the Maitland Approach at Miccass Physical Therapy

  • Skilled Professional Team: Our therapists at Miccass Physical Therapy are well-versed in the Maitland Approach, offering skilled and compassionate care.
  • Advanced Facilities: Located in New York, our clinic is equipped with the latest in physical therapy, ensuring you receive premier care in a welcoming setting.
  • Holistic, Customized Care: We believe in a comprehensive approach, focusing on physical symptoms and catering to each patient’s unique needs.

Transform Your Health with the Maitland Approach

Embark on a journey to enhanced mobility, strength, and wellness with the Maitland Approach at Miccass Physical Therapy. This method isn’t just about relieving pain; it’s a pathway to lasting health improvements and an enhanced quality of life.

Start Your Healing Journey Today:

If musculoskeletal pain or mobility issues are affecting your life, the Maitland Approach at Miccass Physical Therapy in New York could be your key to recovery and wellness. Contact us to schedule your consultation and begin a transformational journey to better health. At Miccass Physical Therapy, we’re committed to guiding you to a pain-free, active lifestyle.