Cardiac Rehab With Physical Therapy Saves Lives

Cardiac Rehab With Physical Therapy Saves Lives

February 27, 2017

Something that we all deal with is that there is never enough time. For everything. Time is fleeting but so is our time on this earth. So when an article like the one in The Washington Post the other day comes out, it’s a stark reminder of these two conflicting facts. Yes, there is never enough time in the day to do everything you need to do for your work, spouse, and family. But yes, there are things that people with cardiac issues can do to prolong their lives. Especially for women and especially for women who’ve had cardiac issues like heart attacks.

The Post article from February 19 points out that the medically supervised program of “exercise training, education and stress counseling” is the answer to so many woes. Using the combination of doctors, mental health professionals and physical therapists among others, patients with heart attack or cardiac procedures had a much stronger chance of long-term survival. But an estimated “80 percent of women who could benefit,” from this rehab don’t complete or even begin this treatment. Examples of physical therapy treatment for cardiac events includes things like:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Monitoring Exercise Levels
  • Working at Best Heart Rate

Ideally cardiac patients want to be doing exercises which won’t stress your heart rate too much but also work to get the resting beats per minute (bpm) down. For most of us the average resting heart rate should be between 60-80 bpm. If you are just recovering from a cardiac event your heart will be working harder and beating faster. But as your undertake a structured exercise program, your resting heart rate will actually decrease. A highly trained athlete in top form will have a resting heart rate between 28-40 bpm! Most of us fall somewhere in the average but it’s always good to aspire.

Your heart does so much for your body besides pump blood. Your cardiovascular system delivers oxygen, removes carbon dioxide, transports hormones and so much else. However anyone gets his or her treatment the takeaway is that it should be gotten.

Women tend to be the caretakers; they care for their spouses, they care for their parents, they care for their children. So often it happens that the women who care the most for others put their own health on the back burner.

If you need a fresh voice for your recent cardiac rehabilitation Miccass Physical Therapy on the Upper West Side of Manhattan actually recommends that you speak with your doctor. The facility at Miccass has got plenty of tools for longer term care. But for those who’ve suffered recent cardiac events, their doctors will likely want them to be on a halter monitor. However for those who are stronger and not undergoing cardiac rehab at a specific facility, Miccass Physical Therapy can help you reach your goals. Our skilled and caring physical therapists will put together a personalized workout program for you based on your individual needs. Moreover the team at Miccass keeps you on track with your home exercises to live your life in comfort. Give us a call today and find out what we can do for you!

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