#ChoosePT for Knee Ailments

#ChoosePT for Knee Ailments

March 27, 2017

Too much money in America is spent on medical treatment. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. But there was a pretty interesting piece the other day which spoke about knee patients who were spending an egregious amount of money on unnecessary procedures, up to and including surgery. The alternative to #ChoosePT is one thing which many medical professionals and insurers are taking another look at!

“We are overusing approaches that aren’t helpful,” says Dr. Nicholas Bedard from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, the group who led the study.

Injections of things like hyaluronic acid is something that so many knee patients get. However it’s repeatedly been shown that this type of treatment does not help most patients. Yet it’s still done!

One of the oft-overlooked things that saves patients a ton of money when it is implemented is physical therapy. Physical therapy is one of a few treatments which could have saved patients nearly 50%.

Osteoarthritis is a very common ailment and can lead to severe disability in the United States. However when patients go forward with treatments like physical therapy the results are encouraging and the ends are positive. So many patients get back up on their feet and can continue working, stay active in their social circles and with their families. Perhaps more importantly when people #ChoosePT they may be able to avoid going under the knife.

The #ChoosePT campaign began as a way to avoid the opioid epidemic which has been sweeping the nation. #ChoosePT is also something that anyone facing surgery should investigate.

Avoiding surgery, injections, or costly and unhelpful prescription medications would be such a boon to our taxed patient community. Some of us are still going to need surgery, but if you are being steered in one direction by your general practitioner it might be wise to ask if you are healthy enough to #ChoosePT as an alternative.

If you have been feeling the strain from achy knees, weary joints or any other bodily ailment, physical therapy could be a good fit for you. If you’re looking for the best physical therapy office on the Upper West Side of Manhattan then you should find Miccass Physical Therapy. With a fully accredited staff of amazing therapists the team at Miccass can help get you back up and feeling great. Give us a call today and find out if you too should #ChoosePT!

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