Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy NYC

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy NYC

March 27, 2023

Records of the healing power of the human touch and massage date back to the Egyptians in 2000+ BC. Massage has been used through the centuries to treat ailments. Since the 1900’s developments in all areas of soft tissue have helped to make this evidence-based practice more reliable. Work by Cyriax in the 1920s helped with musculoskeletal diagnosis looking at pain and muscle resistance. Kaltenborn and Maitland developed techniques for joint mobilizations and mobilization with movement. Myofascial trigger point therapy in NYC and active release techniques have been developed to reach deeper into specific musculature to get better results.

Soft tissue work helps break up fibrosis, or excessive connective tissue formation that may be limiting the range of motion and muscle performance. Scar tissue, overuse and poor posture can lead to improper cross-linking of fibers and impede function. Additionally, soft tissue work can increase circulation, decrease swelling, decrease pain, promote relaxation and increase function.

Soft tissue work combined with the human touch of physical therapy aims to break up the adhesions that are holding you back so that muscles can move in the right way. Soft tissue massage realigns fibers and manually lengthens muscles so that you can move on to stretching, strengthening and retraining your body to work in an optimal pain-free and strain free way.

Our therapists at Miccass Physical Therapy are amazing with their hands. We have developed the “brain in our fingers” that will help give us insight into muscle performance. The individualized attention we give to each patient allows us to give you the best results possible by combining soft tissue work, passive stretching and active range of motion exercises. The human touch is one of those things for which there is not equal. Call us today to find out how the therapists at Miccass Physical Therapy can touch your life and make your soft tissue pain fade away!

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